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The Rise of Egirls Porn & What it Means to be an Sexy eGirl!

In order to clarify what a sexy egirl is we first have to ask what does egirl mean and what is an egirl!?

That is the question we’re looking to answer at Thotbay today.

First off, the urban dictionary defines egirl as the following:

“A egirl is a species of emo usually found on TikTok but commonly spends time on Tumblr. can be found wearing pink eyeshadow with a large wing, little hearts under the eyes and a blushed nose. normally wearing some type of shirt from urban outfitters over a long sleeve striped shirt. commonly found doing me!me!me! dance but has probably never seen it before.”

They also gave this example: “Did you see that egirl doing an ahegao face unironically?”

That meaning of egirl is fairly accurate but in fact, there are types of egirls that describe TikTok thots and internet sluts who become pussy famous for nothing besides being hot and showing their tits and ass on the internet.

I should defer to some outside sources for context here because there is a bit to understand. First egirls as a term across the board can and does have adult entertainment context that often lays on top of the non-adult definitions.

This article bu diggit magazine laid out the types of egirl looks.

  • the emo e-girl
  • the tiktok/vsco e-girl
  • the gamer e-girl
  • the artsy e-girl

All of these so called egirl looks are super prevalent and have even come to embody what one might call sexy egirls or egirl porn stars per se.

Thus today, we’re talking about the modern-day sexy egirl phenomenon.

These types of hot egirls show off skin online for currency.

Sexy egirl Definition – (The Modern Adult Industry Context)

Let me explain…

…but first, perhaps this image though will explain some of what I am saying though.

sexy e girl
I think that social media sites are fueling an era that I call the “era of the sexy e girl!”

(In case you were curious this performer’s name is AmandiStars btw)

Anyway, as I was saying; the currency e girls are working for maybe social media love and affection which comes in the format of friends, attention, likes, and clout or in other cases, they may be teasing their bodies for traffic and to make money from their own amateur porn.

This has bread a modern-day variation of porn called egirl porn aka thot porn.

That’s basically what we do at thotbay as well. We share and discover hot egirl pictures, most of which are shared and leaked onlyfans pictures.

What I am sure of though is that this is a new and wildly popular format of new amateur porn which could also be called social media porn.

There are different forms or platforms where the methods differ such nude instagram girls or naked youtubers; or even snapchat nudes. but what is shared is more often than not it all comes back to young girls stripping on social media sites and then pitching their nudes for a fee.

What enterprising little sluts they are too! 🙂

I mean let’s be honest, sexy egirls are attracting eyes like nothing ever has before and millions of guys are searching for egirl nudes. This phenomenon of girls flashing their pussy or tits on social media sites is here to stay as women have discovered it can change their lives financially.

It’s the truth and since few people actually write about it, we decided when we first launched Thotbay that this would be the central focus of our site.

eGirls are Cashing in on eGirl Porn

Let’s take a look at the sexy egirl starter kit compliments of thisislilkim, a cam girl and hot egirl on 

First off, ya gotta really want attention badly to choose a nickname of thisislilkim; I mean after all this is the artist who sang the dirty female song,

This is what we call the egirl starter kit. She’s definitely a sexy egirl though, which is next level.
  • Vape, check.
  • Creepy teddy bears, check.
  • Wearing leopard print yoga pants in the elevator just after getting fucked, check.

There, you have it, that is the sexy egirls meaning, aka thot definition.

Not all egirls are created equal. Some super-fantastic sexy egirls REALLY need attention.

And finally, what all sexy egirls on cam tend to do: fake masturbation while perusing their IG feed.

egirl porn
I have to laugh at the sexy egirl porn fad as so much of the masturbation is fake.

Lots of us like sexy egirls but they’re in a class of their own as far as all egirls and they just so happen to usually have either a cam girl profile or an OnlyFans page. In her case I shared the place to catch her doing the dirty.


The reality is that tens of thousands of women are now using OnlyFans and other subscription-type adult fan sites to successfully make a living. Hundreds of thousands of others are doing it on a more limited basis.

That’s not going to go away.

More and more celebrities and social media influencers will be pulling the old leaked nudes trick and then launching their own porn business sites.

I mean, that’s what it is when you decide to sell pictures and videos of your sexual escapades or your naked body.

Hot eGirls Leverage Social Media Sites

We just so happen to point out lots of egirl porn stars who like to pretend that’s not what their up to but then work so hard to be nasty across their social media profiles!

Such as the crass, but hot egirl KatieWebster who is always rocking her bad girl egirl outfits. I mean of course when she’s not rocking a g-string at Amusement parks.

I mean come on Katie!

hot egirl
Sometimes I question the logic of these hot egirl chicks like KatieWebster.

That said, I guess all men are really looking for is nude girl pictures and could care less about their tact or the mischief they are into.

Likewise, nasty video chat sessions are popular and her show is both fully nude and cheap so it’s a win-win for her and those she finds to entertain.


These days countless sexy egirl forums like thot bay forum are places where admirers share egirl nudes and it seems like there is an endless supply of women like this waiting to be the next woman the masses are jerking off to. It’s also a global phenomenon and there is an Asian twist to it as well.

Do you know what I mean?

Sexy cosplay girls are some of the hottest egirls out there; making the Asian egirl even more sought after in some circles.

After all, Hentai girls seem to have mastered that egirl look.

I mean just check out this egirl nude!

Nina_agdal on has a stunning Asian egirl look.

Asian egirl
Nina_agdal really has the typical Asian egirl look.


However, the best place to chat with egirls or see egirl porn is either,,, or These platforms are the places where sexy egirls are most often working their trades.

Likewise, you can see their social media porn pictures (nearly nudes) as they often link their profiles from their xxx content!

Sam_play is just one of the thousands of cheap hot cam girls you can choose from when you want to get dirty with egirl nude models

egirl nude
Sam-play sure is hot. Some egirl nude performers are cuter than others and she’s super popular.

Check out her Ahegao face!

porn egirl
It’s pretty wild how prolific porn egirl pictures have become. Hell, even Reddit is in on the action.

I mean what a stunner.

Most sexy-egirls start around 18 years old like sam_play.

We tried out the dirty spy cams to view her show. As it turned out we watched the whole thing and discovered like most sexy-egirls, she’s naturally just a total slut with an insatiable appetite for sex.

Not to mention she was just charging $1.25 per minute for her show. I mean that’s a hell of a deal. 🙂

e girl porn
I think you get the idea, there is a boatload of e girl porn from these types of hot thots!

I mean check her out with her panties in her mouth just going to town on her clit. One thing is clear; this is a sexy egirl.



Another example of a cute egirl is lissa_hamilton who tried to work the gamer girl porn egirl look.

Here she is pictured trying to look younger than her age as she is 21.

gamer girl porn
lissa_hamilton tries to work the gamer girl porn angle across social media.

Of course, you’ll find her doing super dirty webcam chat with her fans that she can lure back from her social media picture drops!

cute egirl
This super cute egirl has a huge daddy fetish.


I think everyone is pretty aware of the fact that e girls are becoming both more discussed and prolific on and off the internet. The idea of this article was to share the definitions in the context of how egirls are more often than not adult entertainers.

That trend seems poised to continue.

In conclusion, sexy egirls and egirl porn are here to stay.

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